how can i keep updated with technology? Which sites do great programers follow to keep updated with technology and and tech news…please suggest me some sites…thanks :slight_smile:

For Sharpening Brain:

  1. GeeksforGeeks - geeksforgeeks

  2. khanacademy

  3. Topcoder Tutorials - algo tutorials

  4. Algorithmist - algorithmist

  5. threads at IIIT-H

For Projects:

  1. Github - github

For Practice and Competition:

  1. HackerRank - hackerrank

  2. TopCoder - topcoder

  3. SPOJ - spoj

  4. Codechef - codechef

  5. Codeforce - codeforces


  7. Google Code Jam - codejam

  8. Facebook HackerCup -hackercup

Ask Questions :

  1. StackOverFlow - stackoverflow

  2. Codechef Discuss - discuss

  3. Quora - quora

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Codechef Forums are not meant for this I suppose :P, but still
Follow verge, technet, TechCrunch and other tech blogs. Usually, Crunch is most famous. Follow people on twitter like Rajiv Makhni(and his shows and articles, they are the best for me :P). Go through fb pages., there are lot cultivating love for technology across miles… :slight_smile: