i am happy to say that i have solved almost 50 questions and still willing to practice more…my problems is that most of the quetions i solved is from easy section and it needs only knowledge of arrays…what kind of problems shud i solve to be familiarise with data structures? do i want to jumb into medium section or want to keep climbing the ladder in easy section??..thanks :slight_smile:

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Once you are able to solve each and every new problem from easy category in 3 or less attempts, I believe it is good time to start working on next level also.

One more thing, once you have solved a problem, it is a good idea to see the 1 or 2 solutions from top submissions and try to understand their logic. You can copy code and add some intermediate prints to ease your understanding or to make sure your understanding is correct.

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@chaseme >> It is now time to attempt the contests. Start with the problems with highest number of submissions, which is unarguably the easiest among the lot (10), and then keep climbing up.

Contest environment is very motivating and will definitely improve you and pave your way up. :slight_smile: Good Luck!