Advanced Cultural and Technical Program Management system c++ code please

Function Identification - module wise

  1. Collect and maintain Prize winners of the competitions
  2. Maintain details related to Cultural related prize winners
    1.  Maintain details related to Technical events related prize winners
    2.  Maintain details related to Project completion related  prize winners
    3.  Maintain details related to Fine arts related prize winners
    4.  Maintain details related to Video and Audio Screening related prize winners
    5.  Maintain details related to personality development related prize winners
    6.  Maintain details related to Feast related prize winners
    7.  Maintain details related to outdoor events related prize winners
  3. Collect and maintain distribution of Prizes 1. Maintain Inventory of certificates
    2. Maintain Inventory of shields
    3. Maintain Inventory of medals
    4. Maintain Inventory of Cash Prizes
    5. Maintain Inventory of Cups
    6. Maintain Inventory of Books
    7. Maintain Inventory of Equipment
    8. Maintain Inventory of Accessories
  4. Accounting revenues and expenditure 1. Account for revenue from Management Contributions
    2. Account for revenue from Sponsors
    3. Account revenue from Event Participants
    4. Account revenue from Competitive Bids
    5. Account Expenditure for procurement of Prizes
    6. Account Expenditure for issue of cash prizes
    7. Account for expenditure on event management
    8. Account for Miscellaneous expenditure
  5. Queries and Report 1. List the Judges for various events
    2. Report prize winners for various events
    3. Report account of the Revenue
    4. Report account of Expenditure incurred
    5. Report stock in the inventories related to various kinds of prizes
    6. List the student Volunteers
    7. Report on the students who have not got any prizes
    8. Report on the details related to miscellaneous expenditure

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