Adding 2 numbers using doubly linked list in C++

The user is supposed to enter 2 numbers.And then you need to create separate lists for the 2 numbers.Now you need to split the 1st number into the nodes of the list.(for example the user entered a number of 20 digits.then each node should contain atleast 4 digits of the number).Now you need to add these two numbers according the nodes and the carry should be added to the next nodes.It means that the first node of the first list will be added to the first node of the second list and if there is a carry then it will be added to the second nodes.The following result should be stored in a new list following the same pattern of storing 4 digits in one node.

Yeah so what’s the issue then… do it…

Use modulo and division operator… And three linked lists…

void main()
int a,b,sum;
cout<<“The sum of two numbers”<<sum<<endl;

nice program