act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

this question was asked from an ongoing contest, india hacks(hackerearth(2nd question)) .
people are acting smartly by not posting a link to questions rather then asking about how to solve a question. just as this guy did. he did not give a link to the question rather he just used a query to ask. i have been observing these from past few days, this is one such instance of it. people simply donot give a link to the questions,since no one will answer then. i will request everyone , since everyone might not be aware of the fact that the questions are asked from live contests. so please ask him\her to share the question link before answering such queries as it is highly unfair on the other participants :slight_smile: . thankyou



I honestly and really feel bad for the person who is asking the question, as he/she will lose anything that could have been earned on such question…

THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, and it is clear and obvious that learning things at your own pace, learning from mistakes, reading editorials, is something that also requires a big effort from you… It is only up to you if you want to really grow as a coder and as a person or if instead you want to feel a very partial and bitter joy from seeing a green tick with no effort…

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green tick with no effort ,
this is what i wanna point out .
you want to learn , wait for the contest to b over and then ask , read editorials, just to get that points in that ongoing contest, is that what they only seek?

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that green tick gives me goosebumps when i solve a question on my own and even if i solve a question with the help of editorial that thrill disappears i dont know why people do such things just for the sake of that green tick. That greenie without thrill is meaningless. Crave for thrill not for ACs


rightl that thrill goes out , and moreover the guy who does it on his own, he gets that joy, but does he get that reward that he deserves?? due to this cheating , his rank gets down immensly and he keeps on wandering y is he so back?

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