ACRush absent from CodeChef?

@ACRush is not appearing in any of the Long as well as Short Contest, in the same time meanwhile out Fellow Coders @mugurelionut ans @rns4 are doing very well!

What happened to him?

hi bradley,

Not always but some times he could not appear because he was problem setter ,tester or editorialist etc. means if someone(international grandmaster) select some problem for contest or test it then he doesn’t allow to appear in contest.


for your knowing ACRush did play july challenge.

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Sorry if it is a bit rude, but your question sounds like you think that mature person who retired from ACM long time ago owes you to participate in CodeChef contests.

Obvious answer to your question will be - he has better things to do.



  1. OP’s question does not sound anything like what you think it did.
  2. There is no obvious answer to the question. Looks like @admin123 has answered it correctly.
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BTW, I was told several times that ACRush is simply banning all fanboys who distract him by stupid stuff like sending Facebook PM with “how to become cool coder fast?”. I am curious how many people are willing to ask him “why did you missed last contest?” :slight_smile:

Answer by admin123 makes sense; still it also sounds like “he is eagerly willing to participate, but can’t because of…”.

Original question in fact is very funny. It is asked about wrong fact (that person didn’t even check ACRush profile) and also calls rns4 “fellow coder” while it is not even real person but simply fake account.