ACM ICPC warm up round - October Cook Off

Since the october cook off is a warm up round for acm icpc 2013, can some body clarify that are we allowed to participate in teams? and if we are how is the contest environment going to be, I mean should one from the team need to submit or all? How is the contest monitored?
Thank you.

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Warm ups are not official ICPC contests.

I don’t think the ICPC rules would apply.

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As gamabunta said, the warm up contest is a regular CookOff contest - it is an individual contest and not a team contest.

After your registration to the respective site, we will be creating team login id’s for you and sending you the same, which you can use for the online contest (for IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur) which is going to be held on CodeChef. For Amritapuri, the online round is not being hosted on CodeChef and hence you need not to create a CodeChef username to participate in the same.