ACM-ICPC Registration Process

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I came to know about ACM-ICPC this year and I am thinking for taking part in it. I go through the ICPC website as well as codechef blog’s on ICPC many times, but it is still unclear actually, I have some doubts regarding the registration process which are as follows:

  1. Is the first step is to individually register on the main ICPC website?

  2. Is the above registration is only for preliminary online round?

  3. Do I need to register on regional contest only if I qualify in the online round?

  4. It was written there that you can at max register for two regional,does it only mean that I will have more chances to get selected?

  5. When and where will be the schedule of ICPC released?

If you can provide the links for the above queries it will be very helpful.



Check regularly on ACM website and previous year it was November for first round

Hi, you can’t register individually. You need a team and also a mentor(probably a professor from your college). You mentor needs to register your team first and add you(the contestants) to the team. Then you will get a mail where you will get links to add you personal details.

This is the official website of ICPC :- ACM-ICPC
Your mentor can register your team here

Yeah the registration if only for the preliminary round. Your team needs to choose the region while registering only, there are different online rounds for different regions. You can check the regional schedule here.

If you qualify the preliminary then you will automatically advance to the regionals. :slight_smile:

You can register for two regionals at max. This will increase your chance of getting selected further, you may perform better in one regional than another.

Hope this helps. If you have any doubt please ask. :slight_smile:


if I register for two regional then can I miss one of them? or will it be necessary to take part in both of them then

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also when our mentor can register?

on the link u have provide for regional contest…registration for Chennai is already closed but Amritapuri and Bangalore are still open…will the date of contest for kharagpur,Kolkata and gwalior is still to be announced?

The regionals take place separately. So you will participate in one or not will not have any effect on the other. It just increases your chance of advancing forward in the competition.

When you have formed a team, tell your mentor to go to the registration link and register your team for the contest, do it as fast as possible, the contest dates will be released soon. But still there is time.

Yeah Chennai region registration is closed. You can still register for Amritapuri or Bangalore now. The dates for the Kolkata-Kanpur and Gwalior will be announced soon, probably within a few weeks.

It is not chennai regionals. It is just provincial contest. I know because I registered for it and it is on 1st september

@sdssudhu what is a provincial contest? I am unable to find any source which explains it.

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A provincial contest is a contest conducted by some regional site on its own.It does not count towards the 2 regionals quota.
I think the purpose of it will be to test if everything is OK.
The winners do not get any slot in WF but instead are rewarded with cash prizes.


Hi, First you and teammates and your mentor have to signup at the ACM-ICPC website individually.
Then your mentor will fill the form using his/her Id.
and after that, all team member have to confirm the invitation of the mentor.

You may visit ACM-ICPC for upcoming schedules.

you may try to solve acm-icpc problem for your practice. you may download the problem of all regional aswell as finals from here

Has Anyone registered yet? The regional sites links are not updated yet on this page :

Till which date is it possible to create a team what is the deadline?

what is the difference between preliminary online round and first round online contest?

Is it compulsory for the coach of team to register with college registered email id or a normal gmail id will do the task, and what if the college does not provide with such a email id.

You need to register your team on the Baylor site and the regionals both before 13th October.