ACM ICPC onsite problems

@admin im wandering if the the replay of the ACM ICPC onsite regionals of kharagpur and amritapuri
will be conducted on codechef as the problems are became public.if no replay will be conducted at least add those problems on practice section so that we can check our solutions .


@admin please look at this

Codechef conducted the Kanpur site Contest so all the problems and test cases will be available for them but for kharagpur and Amritapuri this is not the case they were conducted on other platforms like Hackerrank and pc2 so inorder to conduct the replays of these contests it won’t be that easy as codechef have to ask others for testcases and other basic stuff.

As of now i Dont think Codechef will conduct the Replays of Kharagpur and Amritapuri

Hope hacker rank conducts replay for Amritapuri.


as i know all the three onsite contests conducted on pc2 system…and wont be so hard for codechef to collect the testcases used in that contest…as far as i know the kanpur and kharagpur contest were under the provision of codechef .

I participated in both kharagpur and amritapuri contests

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bad luck for me…i didnt make it on time at kharagpur because there was external viva…on 14th although i didnt registered for amritapuri…so what was ur team ranks

We did not conduct any of the onsite contests. We conducted the Kanpur replay because we obtained the problems’ test data quite easily. We will also be conducting the Kharagpur replay very soon. We have got the test data and are in the process of uploading them.

Regarding Amritapuri, we have approached them for the test data of all the problems and awaiting their response. If we get that, we may conduct the Amritapuri replay as well. It is possible though that they may do it on some other website.


@admin appreciate it u r looking onto this

all those willing to try questions asked in onsite round of amiritapuri can try this link:-


Thanks a lot. Really wanted this.