ACM - ICPC Online Contest 2017 Results Declared!

Amritapuri Site -

Hindustan University / Chennai Site -

Kolkata-Kanpur Site -

Gwalior Site -

Kharagpur Site -

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Our team name is in Amritapuri site . Are we selected for regionals or it is just a result ?

If your team’s name is in the above list for Amritapuri site then your team has been selected for the onsite contest.

Amritapuri…91 teams getting selected by solving just 1 question and 88 by just 2? kidding me? People putting their heart and soul for entire semester and year for that matter don’t get selected just because they are not top team from their college and people who are only team from their college get selected without even knowing what does ACM stands for and competitive coding actually is? Reason being “promote contest among colleges”?? Change it to “demotivate the potential and dedicated” cause we want to promote our event. What a shame!