ACM ICPC On-Site Round

Are we allowed to use IDE for coding in the On-Site rounds ?
If at all we’re allowed, what IDE do they provide for JAVA,C,C++ ?

It’ll be really helpful for us to prepare accordingly.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Dont know about java. But they provide Codeblocks and gEdit for c,c++!!

Thanks for your response mate !! that helped, and i code mostly in java,so knowing about java too would be more helpful !

Operating System: Linux Ubuntu

Language: C,C++ and Java

Compilers: gcc and javac


  1. vim

  2. gedit

  3. emacs

  4. kate

  5. kdevelop

  6. Net Beans IDE

  7. Eclipse IDE

  8. CodeBlocks IDE


  1. gdb

  2. ddd

  3. valgrind


Thanks mate ! that was pretty much all the information i wanted to know :smiley:

At Kanpur last year, I can remember only gedit, vim, emacs and Eclipse on Linux Ubuntu.

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These editors/ide/debuggers were provided last year at Amritapuri Onsite.