ACM ICPC Kolkata Kanpur site 2017

At the time of making Demand Draft for ACM ICPC Kanpur 2017, there is need of Bank Branch name and Bank Branch code. But, these informations are not provided anywhere. Can anyone help in finding the above information?

exactly where is it required?

I have not seen it being asked anywhere.

In the demand draft itself we have to mention ACM Kanpur only , and in the registration form we have to write the name of the bank branch from which we are making the draft.

still if you need the branch name and code for any other reason , you can contact the oragnizers here

@my_name_is_nrg ,Thanks for replying.
Got answer from ICPC authority : one can use SBI IIT KANPUR for the above problem during making DD via SBI Internet Banking.

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Hi. Do you know how long does it take for the registration to be accepted once the form and DD are received at Kanpur?

mine took around 2-3 weeks to go from pending to accepted

Oh…mine got delivered just today and in 2-3 weeks the registration will be closed.

don’t worry about that , as long as your DD reaches before registration closes , everything will be fine

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