acm icpc kharagpur online contest

Our acm icpc kharagpur status is showing “accepted” on the baylor site…but our team name is not there in the list of 805 registered teams and neither have we received our user id and password .
Will more teams be added before the online contest on 2nd November?(Our status was pending before and just yesterday it showed "accepted)

mine is showing “pending”… what should i do?


akshay_sethi, We have created your team, please check the list again. You’ll receive the login credentials soon.
ashishtilokani, your team has not completed the registration process.

My acm icpc kharagpur status is showing “pending” on the baylor site…what to do?

@shubhamsingh @ashishtilokani Please go to your coach and tell him to forward the email required to complete the registration. There is a link in the email where you need to go and enter the code chef ID’s of all the team members after which your registration will be complete.

I do not know why the emails were not delivered to only the coach. It should have been delivered to all participants.That would have been convenient for everybody.Anyways take the link and complete your registration asap.

i don’t know why , but our team registration got cancelled.

Feeling disappointed :frowning:

That may be because you may have selected a coach who is a student. ACM does not allow that. A coach should be a faculty or staff of the institute that you are representing. There may be other reasons as well.

My acm icpc kharagpur status is showing “pending” too…please someone tell me what else needs to be done ?

Hi prakharmy, can you send us an email about the same along with the details of your team.

My acm icpc kharagpur status is showing “pending” too … pls help me

Contact code chef people at the email given here and call them tomorrow morning.

@nigamshah23: Is it resolved?

my acp icpc kharagpur status is pending too… and we completed procedures required help me

@ki93ran93 : Please call us immediately at 022-30797709