Any update for EDITLIST problem,there are lot of comments asking for reconducting.I hope it is very unfair to just rejudge the question, our team should have got AC in 12 mins but we were struggling 1.40 mins just with this question thinking we could not solve even a single(easiest) question. With 800+ team competing for 60-70 seats such mistake will have a huge impact. Many people will be having their final attempt of ACM as there is restriction of 5 attempts. We are waiting for a reply here.


I am totally agree with you this same thing was happened with us and admin must reconduct the constest. I think so many teams faced the same problem.


This is ACM we are talking about . Definitely it was a unfair contest and should be conducted again .


This problem had an impact on all teams. Admin’s comment further complicated it.

  1. For the teams who interpreted it as a DP problem, they could have done it faster (and hence, their ranks would have increased) if they had interpreted in the easy way (not necessarily sorted version).
  2. For the teams who interpreted it in the easy way, they had a hard time as they couldn’t find a case on which their program was failing, yet they were being given the verdict WA again and again and hence, didn’t have much time to solve other problems.

Just rejudging and accepting both versions can’t make up for this impact. It would be unfair to all.

Either reconducting or increasing slots should be considered to make up for this.


Our team could have done problem much faster.We were quite confused that whether it was a dp problem or ad-hoc.This has also impacted our rank.Please see to this.


In my opinion, by increasing slots I don’t think the problem would be addressed as people got struck with this problem won’t be satisfied. Best way is to reconduct the contest.

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@admin. We got frustated due to wrong answers in this problem and wasted the 2 hrs . We didn’t get much time to debug the 2nd problem.
Best way is to reconduct the contest.

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That’s the ideal way.
Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. So, that may not be possible.
In a short contest, you should not get stuck in one problem. You should move on. Many people did that.
Say, team A solved EDITLIST the easy way in 8-10 min and got WA. Now, they moved on to SUBSTR and solved by 30 min. Their ranking is now better than team B who solved EDITLIST the DP way in about 15 min and SUBSTR by 30min. So, that’s unfair to team B because if they had interpreted it the easy way, they could easily have coded it in 4-5min.
Increasing slots will include such teams.

This is really not fair.
It should be a DP problem… although after reevaluation my first solution that i submitted at 20 mins has been accepted but the fact is due to previous rejection i wasted an hour before realizing that my team understood it wrong and it was a DP problem… as a result earlier my team would be selected and now we are not.
This is not at all acceptable in competition of such a level.
We are feeling so demotivated.