ACM ICPC Kanpur-Login details

Can we use multiple machines during the ACM ICPC Kanpur online round with the same team login or do we have to work on a single machine?
The problem is that the team members won’t be together during the round as we’re having a mid-term break.


It is clearly mentioned in the Codechef Page.
See under question :
How do I register for a team contest.

Everyone must use the same team login to submit to team based

This will also answer your question :

Yes, from my experiences: if you have
logged in with your teamID and someone
else(your other team member) tries to
log in with the same teamID then you
will be logged out. And a message
reading something that “your account
was opened from this IP address” and
the IP of your friend’s PC will be

This is because everywhere in team
contests, a team gets a single PC to
work on, as far as I know.

How to get the login details of our team
Or we will login using our individual IDs?
Please help…ASAP

They will be sent to each member of your team in the next couple of days. Do not worry.