ACM ICPC in Asia

Hello People! I am new to ACM ICPC, and I want to participate this year. I know that you have to take part in regionals to qualify for Finals. What are xProvisionals/Nationals? Like this:

Do they also have slots for finals? I tried googling but I didn’t get any answers.


actually its better if anyone who participated in ACM-ICPC shares entire procedure to take part in dat contest !!


i’d like to know this as well!

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I asked the orgranisers of the chennai provincial and they said that it is “not a regional or any qualifying contest, and has only one round”. I guess that means that they don’t have slots for finals.

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@aneesh2312 this link pretty much explains everything about the regionals of 2017: ACM ICPC 2017
However the rules may change, you can check the ICPC 2016 page to compare with 2017.

If you want to know something that’s not on these pages ask, and I’ll try to answer if I can :slight_smile:
EDIT: …since I was a participant (forgot to mention)

EDIT 2: The ICPC 2018 page is up!


Thanks! The online round for this year’s regionals haven’t been announced yet right?

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@meooow The online round for this year’s regionals haven’t been announced yet right?

No, I don’t think anything has been announced yet.

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Here you go
Codechef just updated everything on 2018.


All details for ACM-ICPC 2017-18 can be found here.

There will be 5 places where regionals will be there and most probably, unlike the last year a final site has been removed so now selected teams from all 5 sites will go to World Finals.

Happy coding!


Online Contest Date:5th November, 2017

Onsite Contest Date:
Amritapuri:26th - 27th December, 2017

NITTTR, Kolkata :23rd - 24th December, 2017

IIT, Kharagpur :16th - 17th December, 2017

IIITM, Gwalior:20th - 21st December, 2017

Hindustan University:not declared the date

details on:-

few of the questions on ICPC are also answered here and hope this helps and clarify the doubts.

Teams participating in xProvisionals/Nationals will not advance to World finals. Here I am quoting actual lines from Asia Director ACM-ICPC blog ,

Team registration for provincial and national contests must be done in ICPC web site. The Provincial/Multi-provincial/Invitational/National contests are independent of Asia Regional Contests. No team will be selected and advanced to World Finals from these Contests

Source :

For knowing more details about India regional contest(where you would be eligible for world finals), visit this link :