ACM ICPC Gwalior


I have taken part in ACM ICPC through the gwalior site. Has anybody from the Gwalior site received their login credentials for the online round on 1st november? Does anyone have some idea when we will receive them?

Hey there! I am also taking part in ICPC Gwalior and till today (23 Oct) I have not received any mail regarding login credentials (although I did receive a ‘team successfully registered’ email from them on 17 Oct). For ICPC Amritapuri the login credentials were sent 2 days before the contest, so its a little early now. Wait till 30 Oct at least.


I am participating in Gwalior regional too. My team has not yet received credentials.
In fact more than half of the teams are not even ‘Accepted’ yet. So credentials will be sent only after the registration phase ends, which means after 25th October

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