I can’t find the criteria for the selection of a team to the onsite round from the online round for IIITM Gwalior, Kanpur-Kolkata and Hindustan University.

And why the total number of slots for Amritapuri site decreased from 450 to 250 this year?

Can anyone help ?

  1. The teams which could not solve even a single problem in the preliminary contest are eliminated. The remaining teams are ranked according to performance.
  2. Assuming there are N number of problems in the preliminary contest, selection of teams for onsite contests are done as follows, subject to the constraint that maximum number of teams from a single institute can not exceed three.
  3. Teams solving all the N problems are selected first.
  4. The remaining slots will be filled by selecting top ranking team from each institute according to the rank after removal of the teams selected in Step 1.
  5. If slots are still available, the second ranking team from each institute will be selected according to rank. This procedure will continue to third ranking teams in each institute (subject to above constraint), if vacancy exists.

If number of teams selected thus exceeds number of slots at any stage, the lowest ranking teams will be removed.

Foreign teams need not participate at online contest, they will be directly promoted to onsite round. But they must register at the Baylor site by the due date.

Usually, the above procedure is followed in all the sites (Last year too)

So, in all probability, it is going to be the same this year!

And I don’t know the reason why the slots are getting reduced to 250 (Maybe because of the contest-start-time bug in the onsite round, but that’s just a guess :P)


There was a bug last year too? The year before we had a problem with the judge also -_-

yeah, out of the 4 mini sites, one of them had the problemset like 30mins(approx) before or so! Some teams got 2 ACs in the first minute after the actual start time lol

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The year before there were 3 mini sites, and I don’t remember if it happened to all of them but at Coimbatore the judge went unresponsive in the middle of the contest.
Your guess may be right, it must be very difficult to coordinate over 3-4 mini-sites. The problem is that if something happens to one of the sites, the contest is not fair anymore since the other sites were unaffected.

yes, it’s really unfair if someone receives the problemset before 30mins. Though they tried to make it fair by selecting the top team from each mini-site for WFs, but still :\

And yeah maybe they’ll be able to coordinate better with just 2 mini-sites (or multisite whatever they call it) this year :smiley:

The procedure for the selection which you mentioned above was not followed by hindustan university last year.

This year Amritapuri has only 250 slots, which are going to get filled by top students from distinct colleges. So this means, even many teams in top 100 would not be able to participate in onsite round.

yes, the same procedure was followed mate!

So basically you have to be first in your college or you wont qualify this year…

Pretty unfair. Distinct college quota should be capped at 50% of the sites seats.

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