ACM ICPC 2017 Internal Error Not Resolved

We had participated in ACM ICPC 2017 Online Prelim Contest. Our team name was “The Dementors” and CodeChef handle was “acm17in1163”. We had an internal error issue with the second question “Standard Deviation” (STDDEV). This error was not resolved for us even though we had filled the Google form which CodeChef provided after the contest. The issue was as follows:

  1. We submitted the solution to the question but it went showing an internal error.
  2. There were no instructions given by CodeChef at that point (maybe due to the site being slow).
  3. So, to know if our solution is correct or wrong we again submitted the solution but it again went for an internal error.
  4. We stopped for quite a long time, but we weren’t able to receive any updates on the submission.
  5. “My Submissions” showed that the solution wasn’t evaluated and it showed an internal error with on the red cross.
  6. Then we had to submit the solution for third time when we got to know that it was an incorrect solution.
  7. For the fourth time we submitted correct solution to the problem. But we had three penalties which were not resolved before the result declaration.

We not only wasted our time but also due to the wrong submissions we got massive penalties which led us not to qualify for the regional.

You can check that three of our submissions were same out of which two were involved in internal error. We had filled the Google form for that but the issue wasn’t solved. Yesterday, we had our Chennai Results declared and they have even provided the total time taken by each team. Our team still has penalties for internal error issue.

I request CodeChef to resolve those issues with our team as if the penalties are resolved we get a chance to qualify to regional.


@admin @vijju123 Take a look at this. Aren’t the internal issues solved? When can we know the ranklist?

@competehere - Regarding ICPC things, mods are powerless. All we can do is ping @admin about it.

This is sad to know that even after taking so much time, to pick plagiarism cases and figuring out internal error situation with STDDEV, they didn’t resolve the problem at all. However, I do feel that this is too late for them to correct this mess. But a statement from @admin is must here. This Year’s ACM ICPC Online is a clear failure for Codechef, and you should accept that.

Yes. I don’t know why they were unable to resolve those issues, and there was no other way to know if the issue was resolved or not before the result was declared. At least the rank-list should have been made visible so that we could know if the penalties have been removed or not.

@vijju123 Can you ask admin if there is anything he can do? :confused:

@bhushan_ How can we see penalties?

@dushsingh1995 Chennai Regional has given rank-list which included the time taken by each team.

Among the 3 WA submissions of yours in STDDEV which were identical, only 1 has been counted towards your penalty. Your submit times for the two problems are at 08:48:29 PM and 09:20:41 PM, and including the 1 penalty which accounts for 20 minutes, you get (8:48:29 - 7:00:00) + (09:20:41 - 7:00:00) + 20 = 16150 seconds. And this is the penalty showed in the Chennai results.

Hope this clarifies whatever issue had.