Account of a friend giving karma

I have a question. Is it just and fair that one gets Karma from his friend or teammate(when it is intentional). Is codechef aware of these things and consider this as Karma farming, or they just look for fake accounts?

N.B: I won’t give any screenshots of anyone! :slight_smile:

Its not like friend or team mate cant upvote your answers, but when the criteria for upvoting becomes “he is a friend” instead of “his answer is good” , there is something really wrong.

Its lunchtime tomorrow, and I guess admins are busy finalizing things for it. My guess is that a proper action will be taken after that :slight_smile:


No, It’s not fair. There are people who actually help others like vijju123 and many more but some people just want to get the laddus without the contribution!!

that’s why I wrote ‘when it is intentional’. Because I don’t have a problem either, if it’s not intentional.

But I’ve seen some accounts, and it surely looked like some intentional upvoting.

yes, and that actually concerns me. Because if this goes on, many people will get disheartened and stop helping.


I actually noticed it couple days back… Recently I found same thing again… I wrote a post on same with some proofs and tried to keep it in top posts so that admin may notice it… Let’s see what happens. I am also trying to write a long email regarding same with many claims and suggestions… but It may will take time…

Hey @kauts_kanu,

I know you are really great at observing things but let me put something, I started contributed this month only… after writing few answer I feel like contributing to the codechef discuss can help me a lot, and you can see my profile that in just last 25 days I have written more than 52 answers at first, you would have never noticed that also, but leaving that all apart I never asked my friend to upvote my answer you can see my previous upvotes also, but yesterday I wrote one answer on ICPC where I wrote that “One of my friend won Apple ipad on Kolkata site” so just to tell him that I am writing something about him on codechef discuss I sent him the link to that particular question. After few hours I found that my friend has upvoted few of my answer which was good at first stance. Please tell me how can stop people from my college to stop upvoting my answer if they are good, and secondly the person you are talking about upvoting my answer is not a fake id. If you feel like my answers are not that worth, that’s okay from next month I won’t be there on CodeChef discuss there are other platforms also where I write answers and at least none has made huge things out them. Nobody has that much time to discuss these types of things, and I won’t be answering or commenting on this thing from now. If you feel like that my account is fake okay then please feel free to report my account or downvote my answers.


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Yo, @sandeep_007 . Calm down brother. :wink: