Access denied page


I logged on with my account and when I try to view a problem from the January contest, I get an access denied page. What is wrong?



same problem here too

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try again its fixed :slight_smile:

i am still facing this problem

Still doesn’t work for me.

me too facing the same problem sir…all problems “access denied”…plzz fix it out sir

facing same problem here. Access denied for FGFS

mee too what to do @admin plz look at that …

I am also facing the problem.It is dispaying a message,"You are not authorized to see the page

facing same problem

I noticed that even practice problems are not opening when this problem occurs.

Access denied since past 2 hours!!! What’s up codechef? This wasn’t expected from you guys :frowning:

again same problem access denied.

Yes me too. It gets fixed but get the same error again. Experienced same problem in last contests too. I don’t know how can it take this long for you guys to fix this bug. Completely spoiling my coding experience. I thus now prefer hackerrank to codechef.

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:frowning: Sad …

same problem here

same problem here help me as well!!! username : saifuddin

problem resolved…

This thread was created like 4 hours ago and I am still facing the same “Access Denied” Error.

Please solve the problem