Access denied on problems page

When I try to enter the practice problems page, I get “You are not authorized to access this page.”
I hope admins will fix this asap.

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i got the same problem…i could not access any problem here

I also have same problem,Can’t understand what;s happening here

Same, I just registered. Anything to do with that?

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Yes, we are aware of the issue. We are looking into this. Please give us sometime.

Update: This has been fixed. There was also a server downtime. We regret the inconvenience.

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Same happening with me…

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Same is happening to me for AUG Contest. Also I cant access any of the practice problems.

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Getting You are not authorized to access this page. on AUGUST LONG problems page

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I’m having the same problems too! I can’t access any problems (Easy, Medium, Hard, etc.). Please fix this.

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I am registered yet i am not accessed to any question

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I still can’t access the problem pages. It looks like it is not fixed yet or another downtime?


can’t access the page…don’t know why???

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same here problem not fixed yet .

still can not access program page… Can anyone help?

Same problem , I was about to submit a solution for a ongoing contest.

Me too. can’t access aug long contest problems. I don’t know what the issues are. Admins fix it ASAP please.

Same problem…

Getting “You are not authorized to access this page” message on Practice session…
What happened admin…
Fix it…

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Unable to access problems page! :confused:

I got it too