Access denied on problems page (Dec 13)

@admin I am not able to access some problems in DEC 13 challenge. Please fix this issue.

Seems like the issue is fixed !

@beethoven: It was a permission issue and we have rectified it.

I am having the same issue now. Why so?

Not fixed yet, at least not for me :frowning:

I am not able to access any of the problems from December challenge.Please fix this issue.

@admin same problem here

@admin I’m not able to see any of the problem page. Plz fix this issue…

same here… and this is the 3rd time today this happened to me

Same problem here…

is the contest over or what…

@admin how long will it take to fix it

can’t access the problems

I’ve joined codechef today and unable to access the practice probles…please fix it. :frowning:

Hi, we have fixed the issue, you should now be able to submit solutions to all the problems. If you still face any issue, feel free to get in touch with us.