access denied july14

why is it coming access denied for me…
it is showing "It seems that you were trying to access/edit this page but you don’t have the necessary permissions.

If you were trying to edit a wiki page, you might want to review our policy for granting wiki edit rights. The criterion to gain edit permissions on the wiki is standard - you need to solve at least one contest problem.

To get permissions otherwise, you could send an email to with your CodeChef handle. Don’t forget to mention the purpose."


same here :frowning:

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Must be an internal error :slight_smile:

Hope to see the questions very soon

Happy Coding :slight_smile:


i am facing same problem…
Admin please see and help at the earliest. I use firefox and by mistake i logged in from google chrome and then it denied the access…
My account is handled by me only. Please… please… please solve the issue.

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am also getting the same access denied message, may be there is some internal problem.

@manishiiita , don’t worry much about it can happen sometimes :wink:

Things, would be just the way they were, very soon :slight_smile:

Questions are made visible now…
Happy coding…:slight_smile:

thanks @tech_boy

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now when i am submitting the solution to a question, the same page of “Submit the solution” is coming … what happened?

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i am also getting the same access denied message.