Accepted solutions in 'School' section

Currently, a submission in the ‘School’ section of the practice problems is adjudged ‘Accepted’ even if it solves only some of the subtasks, and fails on other, harder subtasks. Due to this, the number of accepted solutions to a problem ceases to be a useful indicator to the difficulty of the problem. For instance, problems like ‘Entangled Strings’ and ‘Tasty Dishes’, which are sufficiently difficult, have a large number of accepted solutions. The solutions which pass on all the subtasks, however, are quite few, which is consistent with their difficulty.
Hence, I would urge the Codechef authorities to consider ‘accepting’ a solution to a problem only if it passes on all the subtasks.


Even i felt the same way after seeing the large number of submissions for TANGLED. However i feel it would be better if code chef displays the accepted percentage as well as the average score of all accepted solutions as it would be a better indicator.example it was around 15-20 for TANGLED and for tangled and around 50-60 for AND which was easier. It is easy to score around 30-40 points in a problem while scoring full 100 is very tough hence treating only 100 pointers as accepted would also be misleading.

There is challenge problem in Lunch Time contests?

Your suggestion is only for practice or you want to change contest format?

As far as I can see, you just want better way to find solutions, so I guess if there is filter for points, it’s enough for you, right?

I don’t want to change the format. I’m just saying that the solutions which don’t pass all the subtasks should not be deemed as ‘accepted’. Partial points can still be awarded to such solutions.

@betlista no, i’m talking about Long contest.

But the question above is not about Long contests…