ABV-IIITM Gwalior Registration Link Not working

The registration link provided in the page mentioned above for ABV-IITM Gwalior is redirecting to a page that has not any link regarding registration. Our team members are all registered in the ICPC Baylor site. So all that we need is to create and register our team for IITM-Gwalior.

  • As our members are individually registered, we want to know in what site should we create our team initially? The stage at which we encounter this page is shown here

No link is there for Gwalior or Kharagpur, Only link for Amritapuri is there.

  • Can anybody please provide us with the proper steps to be followed to get us registered in the site?

That was for this years contest which is over…Check out this link for the new regional sites in India

NEW sites

All the steps are given here…

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