Absurd decrease in rating

A person having higher rating than me and scoring equal(even same questions done) to me this month’s long contest had increase in his ratings while i saw a decrease in mine. :frowning: Please explain.

There is no problem in calculating ratings. Your ratings are dropped because of plagiarism in JULY15 Long challenge. You can see that your solved solutions are removed from your profile page. I think you already got a mail from Codechef regarding why they decreased you ratings, once check it.


BUt it is my id raja0428. Why cant one use 2 ids at once. also it dropped in both.

Do i need to shut it down? Will i be banned for upcoming contests? cause i just read about the rules, sorry for the problem.
Please deactivate raja0428

My ratings have dropped too. Somebody stole my code. :frowning:

@mb13mb13_1995 : Yes using/having multiple IDs on www.codechef.com is not allowed. Please send an email to help@codechef.com regarding deactivation of other ID asap.

And, regarding drop in ratings, you have been caught by plagiarism detection. Please check your inbox for the explanation and reply to it for any further clarification.

According to Codechef code of conduct having multiple accounts is considered as cheating. For more clarification read the following links


send mail to codechef…