about web & android app development

Normal approach to develop a basic andriod app?

For learn Web Devlopment, I suggest to learn these below technologies.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. javaScript
  4. PHP
  5. MySql

There are various resources you can get over the internet to learn those above technologies. It would be better if you learn above technologies serial wise.

Here you can get the basic tutorial for HTML, CSS and javaScript

For learning Web Devlopment, I would suggest you to learn HTML,CSS,javaScript,PHP,MySql (check www.w3schools.com)and for cross platform app development you could use phonegap(phonegap.com)

For android development , I would suggest teamtreehouse (teamtreehouse.com) . Well laid out course structure.
If you are looking into something serious, check out udacity nanodegrees on Android development (Approx ~9k a month) and the quality is one of the finest. Nanodegree is conducted in partnership with Google. You can also look for scholarships!

If you want to be proficient ,dont take the short route.
start wid C (dont give much time just 1 month),then do JAVA (atleast give 5-6 months),then you can junp onto andorid.

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To start with web development & basics, w3schools is a good start.

However, I would recommend structured courses if you want to learn app development to fasten the process of learning.

Simplilearn just launched its course on Apple Watch app development for FREE for limited time and it should be a great course for beginners in app development to understand the basics by developing 9 real world apps within the course.

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