About timelimit

WHenevr i submit an answer i get a mail which shows time to run and memory consumed.is the time shown is time limit or time in which my program ran?
for a problem
timelimit given as 3 sec
when i submit i got timelimit exceeded
in mail it shows
Below are the stats of your submission:

Submission Time: 2013-03-11 11:39:44 IST
Submission Status: Time Limit Exceeded
Time to run: 3.01sec
Memory consumed: 3332KB
Language submitted in: C++ 4.3.2

is my running time 3.01 sec or is it showing actual time limit???

@saladi_satish : It means that your program ran for 3.01 seconds and was still running , but since it has exceeded the time limit the system killed it . So you actually don’t know how much time it would have taken to complete , but you know that it didn’t complete in 3 seconds .


ok thank u very much

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