About rating updating.

I took part in LIMIT03 and got rank 3 but I didn’t see any change on my rating. I am asking you how CC update ratings?
Thanks in advance.

the ranks are updated on the basis of ur performance in the long and the short(cookoff) contests conducted by codechef…!!!

You don’t get any ratings for external contests hosted on codechef. For those, you will be recognized separately by the people who host the contest.

To get yourself some rating points, solve problems in the Long and Short contests hosted by codechef itself. There is one long contest every month, starting on the first Friday of the month, spanning ten whole days and ending on the Monday. There is one short contest (or “Cookoff” in Codechef terminology) every month, held on the second-last Sunday from 9.30 PM to 12.00 midnight Indian Standard Time.

Best Wishes!

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Thank you for your answer.

Thank you for your answer.