About python

What is the basic things need to learn to python

you should have first learn c progrmming language beacause python is similar as c language .

If you are asking with respect to competitive programming, then :

  1. If you are just a beginner, then learn how to read input(especially how to read in different data types), learn how to use loops and make sure you are familiar with the syntax
  2. If you do have a basic knowledge of python, then I suggest going through a few of the libraries which may prove to be helpful - like re(regular expression).
  3. Go through list manipulation, string manipulation in depth and try solving different types of problems. It does prove to be very helpful.
  4. Practice, practice and practice some more. That is the only way, regardless of which language you use.

However, I’ve seen python having a lot of issues (time out and all) while using it for competitive programming. I use C++ and it’s great. It does provide a great weapon in the form of Standard Template Library(STL).

Hope this helped