About goodies

Good day! I’m sorry, but will the goodies(like bags or sizes of T-shirts) update? Thanks!

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What do you mean by update? And its best to ask them directly via mail, chances are not many people will have exact knowledge which you want.

I mean they will be in stock! I Maybe it was in past!

Ah! I see. You mean when will they replenish their supplies? You should write them a mail at laddus@codechef.com telling that you want a particular size/goodie. They will try their best to get it for you. Its better to contact them for this, as they know the absolute/actual time.

Cant say their replnish time. Their 1 TB hard-drives have been “Only 9-10 in stock” for months. (I think >6 months lol)

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I have mailed them regarding CodeChef bag 4-5 days back which is out of stock…but no reply from their side.

It takes me ~7 days to get their replies. They are quite slow to respond at times.

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I am closing the question for now, since nothing more could be added to it. If you want it re-opened, comment here r drop me a mail with link. :slight_smile: