about algoritms

**how we learn algorithms and from where we start to read algorithms?

i am not able to solve even easy problems

plz!!! suggest me**


Well, if you are referring to easy problems, as being problems of difficulty level EASY on contests, then I’d suggest you to start by difficulty levels like Cakewalk and/or Simple in the first place…

Usually, EASY difficulty level tends to cover a (quite) large number of standard algorithms, while Cakewalk and/or Simple tend to be more directed towards simpler ad-hoc concepts or implementation training only…

With this being said, it should be a while before you manage to solve 4 or even 5 problems (1 Cakewalk + 2/3 Simple + 1 Easy), but, from my experience I think that it’s possible and once you reach 5 on a single contest with your own effort, your “lower-bound” should become 2/3 on every contest.

And from that point on, if you keep focusing on it and do some research online, you can start solving then 3/4 more often… then you maybe solve 4 for two contests in a row… and once you know it, you’re now comfortable with solving 3/4 problems quite fast :smiley:

And, remember, when God created Life, the Universe and Everything, that’s when you started your journey towards solving 5/6 problems and once you get there (I’m on that track too… walking towards 3/4 consistency at the moment) you will realize how much you’ve learned :smiley:

About time, I’d say between 2/3 years along with having university and other things keeping you busy are enough for you to get there :slight_smile: