Able to submit code neither using the editor nor with file uploader


I have been trying to submit code in C language for one of the problems in the ongoing competition, but whenever I submit I face the following problems :-

  1. When I use the “choose a file to upload” option, the site shows Compilation Error. On going to “My Submissions”, I find that there was no code uploaded at all and the submission was completely empty.

  2. When I insert the source code in the provided editor (by coping from vim and pasting into the editor), I again get Compilation Error. On investigation I find that the site has automatically truncated some code at the end and hence the program doesn’t compile correctly. Its just a 50 line code and yet the code is truncated irrespective of how I format/intend it.

I have already tried to submit the code as C++ using both the ways listed above, but again end up with the same problem.

It would be great if someone could enlighten me with the cause of the problem or the website administrator could look into the matter.


P.S. :

  • A peculiar thing to note is that the truncation always occurs when the printf statement is encountered.
  • The problem for which i am submitting the code is October Challenge > Event Organizer.