A very big plagiarism this long challenge JAN19.

Codechef did not do his job this long challenge yet it was obvious that the plagiarism had to be very big.
Out of 10 solutions in python3.6 I count 4 plagiarisms on XYPIZQ.

And what disgusts me is that the scores of all these cheats have been calculated.
Some of them were just copying and others using other techniques that I prefer not to say here so that others do not use it.

This attitude was common in India and I find it very sad to behave when I see all the work done by codechef, geeksforgeeks and … This is not the way that India will stand out as a respected power.
Please stop the plagiarism because I know people who prefer not to participate because of it. Even his ranking backward gradually because of the people who cheat is frustrating.

Look at these solutions:

Just in one page.

And this is about all the problems of competition


I see that all these solution are exactly the same and I get your point. But once plagiarism test (MOSS tests) are done, all of the users caught will be penalized. So, don’t worry and codechef will do its work as MOSS test can take a few days.
@vijju123 @admin. Please have a look and take necessary action.

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I see your post and am veryyy much worried about you getting distraught. How about seeing how things work next time before getting disgusted? If that doesnt help, do drop help@codechef.com a mail and we’d love to discuss with you other possible solutions to get rid of your concerns. :slight_smile:


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no feeling in the world is better than getting an AC after a lot thinking and many WA’s … and by cheating no one can be a really top rated programmer neither there are any price money for getting good ranks so i don’t get it why do people cheat.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about.
It is nice to be able to solve a problem with very few successful submissions and to have a good rank. But if people spend the time cheating it becomes very discouraging to continue working, especially when you come across a problem with a high percentage of success and you do not understand it directly.

really childish

They still have not been penalized.

I’m waiting Moss.
I’m just wondering how many people have not been penalized yet and take ranks that do not belong to them.

Excuse me. Moss takes time. But rest assured. I’m still waiting for laddus for Nov18 which will be done after Moss.

Whenever I have some work pending from a long time, I just leave it and never look back. I’m afraid that codechef does the same thing.

Ps : Some guy on codeforces commented that he didn’t get his t-shirt of last year’s february challenge.


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hello @xixi001 , I also have some issue regarding Plagiarism in JAN19 …

see my post…and please help me if u can :frowning: _/_

Please sir I don’t violate any rule of Code of Conduct…:frowning: