A user tried to discuss Live contest problem on Stackoverflow

A subtask of SEGPROD of November Long Challenge 2017 was tried to discuss by a CodeChef’s participant on StackOverflow while it is still going on. It was immediately taken down by him but what’s the guarantee that he won’t ask again using a different stackoverflow account which doesn’t reveal his identity.

The original link which was taken down is here.

The google web cache link of the question is here.


This demands strict attention guys. @admin


@admin @vijju123 someone on Quora tried to discuss for solution of Nov Long Challenge.

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https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47120159/given-n-functions-yix-a0-a1x-a2x2-a3x3-and-q-queries no doubt Lebron was right in his quora blog.

This type of cheating are getting very common these days. Some serious steps should be taken to control these, or it might increase in future. A very strict penalty who is caught asking questions from live contests can be done, so that others also think twice before doing such an act.


But how do you plan to find out who asked that question? I think it’s really difficult to find out since all the people asking use a new account everytime.

@swetankmodi For this one the culprit’s name is clearly visible on his SO profile and doing a search in the rank list for that name will give you the idea of who asked it.

well no one answered it , this much i can see. Well this is not that a big issue (as compare to what happened in ACM-ICPC), since internet is such a vast space , you can never stop these kind of activities , n long chlllnge is here over to learn.

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isn’t it possible that someone else used his name? :open_mouth:

then they cry when i_love_tanya call them out on their shit .