A question to Admin

when you guys auto validate a solution against some test cases, can you also please… mention test case for which the submitted code failed? I have seen this on other sites and it really helps us understand when our code fails, would you please at least consider this suggestion?


I know it’s really hard to practice, but on the other hand it motivates us to solve the problem by our own without any external help. If you enjoy solving some problem, even if it helps, you should not see the editorial or the test cases for which your code fails. That’s like giving up and is not acceptable if you wanna solve the problem.


but sometime we are unable to solve the question due one or two test cases if we will get to know about test we can solve the problem

i agree with @drjaat sometime it’s just too frustrating to know where the code is falling. Besides every other online judge. provides this platform. One thing we can do that we only see the test cases after some particular submission of WA or RTE (not including TLE) , This way we can ensure the user tries enough before seeing the editorial

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That’s a fallacy in our thinking. I have been a victim of that many a times. Even if our code fails for one particular case, its WRONG. Be hard on yourself, that’s the only way we can grow. If its wrong, its wrong. Try debugging it. Even practicing to debug is important. You will not be given editorials or shown the test cases during any contest, will you?

“Enough” is never enough. I have heard the same from @kevinsogo and @ania. What they said is that they try a single problem for even more than a couple of months. So, don’t spoil the problem, think about more than one problem at a time and think about it even while you sleep or travelling or something. When you wanna practice try debugging or thinking, or try to find some new topic to learn and implement the algorithm you learnt.

I will say here, that different strategies work for different people. In the end, the thing which suits your style, your time constraints and optimizes your result the best should be chosen. I wont discuss it much since this thing is…objective/too-argumentative. I will say, a lot of experimentation should be done to see which strategy suits you the best. Sometimes a balance between two proves fruitful :slight_smile:


I’d rather follow what the better rated coders advice :stuck_out_tongue:

seeing editorial is totally different than seeing a failed test case :slight_smile: