A petition against organizations using the title of "Olympiads" in a misleading way.

Hello codechef,

Many of you should already been knowing about this issue(as the title suggests). I have taken a step to create a petition to at least start spreading the awareness. The least I could ask for this purpose was for the organizations to change the names of the competitions they conduct.

I would not rant a lot about it here as you can already find it done here: https://www.change.org/p/organizations-bringing-down-the-prestige-of-olympiads-in-india

Please, support me in this noble cause of bringing the glory back to the Olympiads by signing the petition. Its saddening to see just about a 1000 students participating in ZCO/ZIO.



Great job.


Nice Initiative. Appreciate it


yo!!! awesome!!!

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With all due respect @ista2000, I do not understand how private organizations using the word ‘olympiad’ dilutes the purpose of something.

And moreover, I doubt if such a petition would bring about any monumental change here. We are talking about corporate educational companies here, and such a petition would be treated with disdain for all we know.


Great job !!

No, this petition won’t bring about any change obviously.(Why? They are making profit here)

You read the details that I have written below, using of the term “olympiads” by the organizations misleads “laymen” into thinking that Olympiads are easy and that almost everyone wins a medal in it and in this way the actual hard work of the international medallists is not noticed.

The purpose of my petition is to just gauge who are willing to support this “movement” but not to aggressively boycott the olympiads or anything similar. So, its really about you showing your support. :slight_smile:


Ah, that’s great! Really appreciate it!