A new website I've came across

Hello @all,

As you all know, I struggle with Maths a bit and sometimes after contests I tend to be “keen on” or very interested in learning a new specific data structure!!

I have found this website thanks to Codechef for Schools (along with some extra digging) which is called:

Jan’s LightOJ

which, as you can see from the link has ALL problems organized under specific categories like, DP, Trees, etc.

It’s a bit like tags but at same time is also more visual and it actually allows one to see how many problems from each category you have solved!

So, I thought that maybe some beginners would find this website helpful and I decided to share it here :smiley:

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Cool::thanks for sharing…:slight_smile:

This website is very helpful for student community like me. Thanks for info.

Wish I could upvote you but no reputation…:frowning: However thanks dude :wink:


Here… Take some reputation @sidmohla :wink:

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Well it looks real nice. Thanks!

Great find. Thanks a lot.

another similar site, containing links to problems of different categories: a2oj.com

check this one out too. It pretty much does the same thing. Categorizing problems from codeforces, chef and SPOJ.