A idea of a nice feature for codechef

I have an idea for a nice feature for Codechef.

Codechef should have a points system kind of thing where you get points for doing practice problems.
And also you can give badges to them. This kind of system will encourage people doing practice problems. Khan Academy has this kind of system. Now, as a result, doing practice problems will become an addiction. Even discuss.codechef gives badges.

You can give badges for the following things -

  1. Doing x practice problems.
  2. Doing a problem in a different language.

Isn’t this a nice idea?

Good but then people will start copying others to earn badges.And it might be difficult to run plagiarism check on all the practice submissions.

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Of course some people would do it but then 99% of the people won’t do it.
And also I am not saying to give them real laddus or prizes but just this as a token of motivation.

And people do plagiarism as they gain laddus in contests and here they won’t even gain fun because you will not feel good after you cheated.

if someone gets motivated by a badge; he can also be motivated by seeing all the question turning green in the practice list(at least I do). also there is a feature when codechef may post on your facebook profile every time you solve your 100th problem. In my opinion that is a better motivation. But yes this feature might also add to it if worked upon nicely.