A good project guidance required

Here’s the link that I came across:


However, there is a time constraint, to be implemented in one semester’s time. If you could help suggesting a project, will be really helpful for me. May be possible that there would be no such project in that list referring to the time limit but if you think something could be done related to that project in a semester’s time, please do highlight…

Brother, this forum is for Algorithmic Problems and about their solution, and problems regarding their solution.

So if you don’t mind, I have to say that nobody in this forum will answer your Question. I recommend you to Go to Apache’s Forum Or Stack Overflow, and ask the same question there. I guarantee that somebody will answer your Query.



Please remove this question as soon as possible because if codechef people(*admin) will see

your post,they might block your account Because this forum is only for Algorithmic Problems ans solution discussion only(as @bradley said).

this post also looks like argument
you can put your question on stackoverflow or quora or any open forum

hope you will do soon…

Happy coding