A general question.

Hello everyone!

I just recently joined CodeChef. My question is, in the PRACTICE problems section, the problems are divided into six categories: Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenge, Peer, School. I know what easy, medium and hard problems are for. But, can someone please explain in brief what these Challenge, Peer and School problems are for?

Peer section contains problems which are from external contest(contest organized by colleges and universities).
School section contains problems which are from Codechef’s Luchtime contest(IOI based).
Challenge section have challenge problem which appears in Monthly long challenges.(In contest,The best solution of challenge problem get 1 marks and other gets relative to it).

Thank you very much shivam9753!

Problems from external contests are added to the peer section. These problems vary in difficulty. Perhaps a good measure of its difficulty would be the number of accepted submissions and the acceptance rate.

In the Challenge categoryThe problems should not have a polynomial time solution. The challenge problem has a scoring mechanism based on certain parameters. This scoring mechanism needs to be explained properly in the problem statement submitted by you.