a factory has three divisions and stocks 4 categories of products. an inventory table is updated for each division and for each product as they are received.there are three independent suppliers of products to the factory.design a data format to(contd...

to represent each transaction.
i have no clue as to what the question means in the first place. i mean a factory produces products why is this one receiving them. what should we do with regards to the three independent suppliers of products. should we prompt user to input something on behalf of the three suppliers or something. whats a data format. please explain what the question is and if possible write the code without using conio.h
in c

For the first question, a factory needs raw materials to work on and produce final or end products for its customers. So, there are 3 independent suppliers of products to the factory, means raw materials or products which the factory will be needing to process on, further.

Designing a data format means, to design a good looking table kinda thing where you will have all the information listed, along with products and rate etc and each transaction will be displayed there.

You’re possibly supposed to write programs to first display the contents, then maybe they ask you to take a transaction as input and then display the effects after it. Or some question(s) based on calculations, for example, you are asked to calculate the inventory value if you’re given the cost per item. This is what it seems from what you have posted.

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