A big bug in Rating system..!!!


  • It is my rating graph for Jan Long Challenge 2019(Div.2),And see my rating inc. by 14.So which becomes 1581.
  • And my Rank was 2673.

My Graph

  • And this is Another graph of the person from same rank list,which is inc.by +26,which becomes 1590.
  • And his rank was 3990.

His graph

And,My rank was more than him,but his rating inc.by +26,but mine was +14…Give me reason @admin @vijju123 Thank you…!!!

Answered here.

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https://www.codechef.com/ratings (T_T) … XD

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Don’t post the same problem multiple times … Better and good things may hide…

Aryan has already answered your problem thrice.Please go through it before posting it once again.

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