2nd largest element of a max-heap

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Suppose i have a max heap of arr[1…n].arr[1] stores the maximum element. Is there any way in which i can find the second largest element in the array. we are not supposed to change the heap

The max-heap is a tree structure in which the root contains the maximum element and value of each node is greater than the value of its children. The max-heap is stored as an array. So as the first element or the first index stores the maximum element of the max-heap. The second largest element of the heap is either of the two children of the max node i.e. either node 2 or node 3. Check the one which is bigger.


If you are using a priority_queue , this can be done very easily.

  1. Pop from priority_queue and store it in a temp variable.(This the largest element in the heap).
  2. Pop again from the queue which will be the second largest of the max_heap.
  3. Push again the temp variable into the heap, so that the heap remains in its initial state and only the second most largest element is removed from the heap.

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thanks…but i wanted to the array to remain the same…or we can take 2 temporary variables and the pop and pop and then push back the 2 temporary variables right?

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@bipin2 Yes you can do that.

Sorry…I forget that…:slight_smile: