2 Cook Off and 2 Lunchtime in a Month..!!

I think that there should be 2 Cook Off and 2 Lunchtime in a Month…!!

It’s advantages:

1)It helps a lot in interviews.

2)It helps a lot for ACM ICPC.

3)We will learn how to solve given problems in a given amount of time and become master in it.

4)We will be able to think and write code more fast by more practice.

5)It will become our habit to sit for 2 to 3 hrs and solve problems and so we will not be in tension when we will be giving coding round interview.

6)Sometimes during interview we cannot solve a problem there due to tension but when we come to our room then that same problem is easily solved by us ,so to avoid these things a lot of practice option should be available.


If you notice the current timings, it’s like 2 weekends for the long contest and one weekend for cookoff and one weekend for lunchtime. Having more contests means it has to be organized on working days which will be difficult for working professionals to participate. For practicing or simulating time bounds, you have that option in codeforces virtual rounds. You create your own "kind of " round and practice.


Sorry, but this suggestion is downright bizzare and far from being feasible right now.

And whats up with 3 upvotes for this one? The suggestion and reasons lsited are completely unrelated. Whats next, “Codechef should hold 3 longs per month”?

If you want 2x the contests for interview, please use sites specifically dedicated for interview preparation (there are many, who even give mock interview facility as well).

Rest ALL of your points are solved by “Please practice diligently”. If you dont have habit of sitting 2hours for coding, then your practice routine is to be retrospected.

The current system works really fine since you get 1 week to prepare for contest. Some users derive a lot of motivation from ratings and they find it really compatible.

Please give suggestions which are implementable. Codechef needs to first deal with queues and other things popping up in current contests rather than bombard the judges with new ones.


Yes , you spoke my mind . I have been seeing his activity for a while now . The questions generally asked are too outrageous and seem to be meant for upvotes.

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My point is not the upvotes gained by this post, nor any sort of defamation. My point is are the people upvoting even READING whats written?

(Apologies if it sounds rude to anyone, but yes, thats my PoV. Sorry again if its rude.)

@vijju123 you spoke in a very polite manner ,thanks for that.

But @trashmaster I didn’t expected this from you ,But no problem from next

time ,I will confirm that should i ask any particular question or not by

mailing codechef.If they will allow me to aks that particular question then i

will ask otherwise not.

I just wanted 2 cook off and 2 lunchtime to be held in a month ,it was my

point of view.Felt very bad to see this line “seem to be meant for upvotes”

@trashmaster.But then also no problem as it was your point of view.


It’s nothing to feel bad for . Think and analize for sometime what you are asking for . vijju has already elaborated on what I wanted to say . All the suggestions must be directly mailed to the admin or the mods , rather than posting on the discuss forum . You must realise that discuss is for asking problems related to the problems that people face in coding . I apologise if you felt bad for my way of expression . We are all working to refine this community .

Ok @trashmaster you are correct.I am new here ,I don’t know much but learning a lot from codechef discuss especially @vijju123 ,@trashmaster ,@ista2000,etc.I will try my best to refine this community.