100% attendance prize

Is there any way to check how much % attendance do i have ?
I guess there should be something build so that one can check it

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You just have to check that have you participated (and got atleast 1 partially/completely correct solution) for all 3 contests in a month. They started it from march, and so there are a total of 6 contests you should have participated in.

" participation" makes no sense to me, as your counter sets to 0 whenever you fail to turn up for a contest, and you have to go through it all again. And if you have participated till now, wouldnt it be 100 always?

What you might be wanting to suggest is a “How much % have i done for obtaining laddus” , which is-

X/36 x 100 (X= number of contests you participated in).

What i suggest is that goto your profile. The solved problems are sorted by name of contest/month. Checking if there is atleast 1 problem per required contest. Since number of months is less, you should be able to get % within 3 min. (If you want it so much)

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Yes, it would be nice if codechef adds a consecutive contest streak stat. For now, you’ll have to start from the last dot in your graph and keep clicking on the previous one till the order of contests is perfect for each month.(Lunchtime, Cook Off, Long). Where the order breaks, that is the month in which your 12-month attendance would complete.

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P.S: Assuming that you are always able to solve atleast one problem in the contest you participate, which is fairly easy.

Check you rating graph, you can see dots there click on dots, read the contest name and count the number of contests you participated in(only long, cookoff, lunchtime), that’s the only way.

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Partially solved problems are counted towards 100% attendance reward dear. @admin clarified that in some earlier thread. :slight_smile:

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Are they updating blog posts without notifying people? You must have seen that blog post, in starting that was like, “at least one AC”, wasn’t that @vijju123? I remember because I was arguing with my friend over this topic.

Btw updated answer.

We actually asked them to clarify that. They said they’d clarify it in blog too.

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Awesome Idea :smiley:


Closing as the Q is answered. If any feels there is more scope in thread, comment and i will re-open.