100% attendance laddus

Has anyone received the laddus for 100% participation between March '17-Feb '18?


Not related to the answer to this question.

@admin I have one suggestion plz include codechef external rated rounds for attendance laddus i.e. If a user participates in Rated round consider that as his presence. And if he is absent then don’t consider that as absent.

All is want to say is just modify 100% attendance laddus and make this as 36 continous rounds. And participation in external rated round increase streak by one. And not participating will not make this streak zero.

@avi224 did you get it? For me, it’s April 2017 - April 2018 according to this.

@admin ?

Yeah, I received it on 5th April. You might probably get in a week or 2.

@avi224 did you get it for
March Long Challenge 2017 to February Lunchtime 2018 ( Has May Lunchtime 2017 been treated as participated for all users? )
or for
March Long Challenge 2017 to March Long Challenge 2018,
since May Lunchtime 2017 was not considered for 100% attendance participation reward?

I got for the first case. May Lunchtime was considered as participated for all users.

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I have participated in all contests(long,cook and lunchtime) from May 2017 to May 2018(which is more than 1 year/36 contests).

I haven’t received 1000 laddus yet. Just wanted to know why ??

UPD : I got my 1000 laddus today. Thanks everyone.

You’ll get them for sure. Please wait for some time to receive it. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

I got them after 1.5 months

same here, please be assured that you’ll get them. I have informed them :slight_smile:

i just want to know if someone who gave contest regularly for 8-9 months and suddenly one contest he is not being able to do a single question.Then, is there any ‘mercy’ or condition on this because otherwise 8 months don’t matter anymore for that amount of laddus.

I just got a similar case this cook-off. Someone who participated since 5 months wasnt able to score any point. The case is being handled by @admin