1 karma users can ask questions now?

I observed some users with 1 karma being able to post a question. And so, I went to about page to confirm, and I found a new line saying, “No points are necessary to ask or answer questions.” Do you confirm, @admin?

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Even i observed the same.

But seeing the state of servers, i feel that the forum is either going a revamp atm (meaning its a part of change which is implemented earlier), or is kinda bugged. Meaning, you must have noticed that “Recent Questions” thing in homepage is highly un-updated/behind the schedule.

But anyways, its good that they are able to ask questions right now. The only thing i am afraid is, of course, exploitation of this for spamming forums. That… would be bad.

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Well, but that means its less work for me now XD

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Hi everyone,

There are some changes introduced recently on Discussion Forum to combat spam. Which was major reason why we didn’t allow users with karma less then 3 to ask questions.

But on longer run it came up to be barrier for new users, who truly need community help. Hence, we have made following changes for now:

  1. User with 1 to 20 karma can:
  • Ask at max 1 question in 1 hour.
  • Post at max 5 answers and comments in 1 hour.
  1. We found that some users intentionally posted comments and answer on own post, for keep it trending on CodeChef homepage for getting traffic and other reasons!
    So we have decided to bring change in homepage post i.e. most voted posts of last 2 week, instead of recent posts.

Along with this we have some more changes planned, following which combined blog post will be released.
We hope you all would like these changes. Please comment, if you have any suggestion, we would love to bring it up based on feasibility. :slight_smile:


I can put my thread to rest now~

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It still says “Recent Questions”. you should update that to “Top posts” or “Trending” or something like that.

Why not let high karma users delete Q (ONLY on ground of “Spam”- OR atleast give it hidden status), because now you’re prone to having spam threads. An active user can take a huge load off admins shoulders.

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"So we have decided to bring change in homepage post i.e. most voted posts of last 2 week, instead of recent posts." This has a massive downside. Recent questions is filled with answered, stale and currently irrelevant questions. New questions by users are going unanswered. People genuinely need help, but their questions are going unanswered :frowning: . Please solve this


It has degraded the quality of the forum a lot.

Actually more work @vijju123

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@admin , I think you should have some feature for you guys where, whenever a Q has been reported for “spam” etc., it shows the thread in a different color or with some other symbol for you guys. That way, If the thread where spam occurred gets highlighted to you guys, you people wont miss it. Currently there are threads which got spammed even thrice, and no action took place despite reports. If re-vamp is still going on, give yourself a little gift ^^

@admin you can implement stackoverflow system to ask questions on forum . if question is not well respected in community then you need to wait 1 day or 2 days . now I have zero reputation and I cannot ask any questions.