Why doesn't code chef provides traceback ?

I just wanted to ask, why doesn’t CodeChef gives us a traceback. It could be so helpfull in case of run time errors especially NZEC s. This is so annoying sometimes. As one spends hours planing a perfect and an efficient algorithim and then it all goes down just because a NZEC. This is just a suggestion.

I believe that when we try to find the errors without any traceback, it helps a lot to improve the coding skills and our debugging skills.
We start to understand the syntax of the language better and finally start making less and less errors in syntax.

This is because, we analyse the code line by line, when we try to find that error.

After some experience, we eventually stop making the silly mistakes in the syntax, if we debug our code ourselves.

It can be annoying sometimes but codechef is after all an initiative to make you better at coding and an educative initiative.

In software testing and development error finding is very essential and important.

I believe all this error finding we do for hours and try to find a error in a code, we think is error free, will make us a master coder some day.

Happy coding


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